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Ever wonder why our handmade gourmet nougats are so yummy, but without all the nasty stuff? Well, behind every great product, there is always a story. 3 Bites Full is a story of enduring friendship and how three friends’ childhood passion for fine confectionery and our pursuit of perfection, have inspired us to redefine the taste and texture of traditional nougats. However, while we had this dream since we were in school very early on together, we just never got started. More so, after graduating from University, we all went our separate ways to fulfill the obligations in life. Remaining in close contact was an uphill challenge as our busy schedules and work commitments took our lives across the globe but never at the same place. Although our distance and memories grew further and further apart, once every 2 years we made it a point to visit each other wherever we were, to restore that sparkle in our friendship. Many years have passed but our bonds of friendship never got worn out. Ultimately, lots of tough sacrifices were made and we have decided it’s time to rekindle our passion and a dream that almost faded away.Having tasted renowned nougats from France, Italy, Belgium and Australia, our sole aim is to now provide you with handmade nougats that have a distinct balanced combination of texture and taste that will simply melt in your mouth, leaving your palate craving for more.

Handmade to perfection in small batches, every piece of our nougat uses only the finest and freshest selection of carefully sourced premium ingredients. We do not compromise on quality and that is why we insist using only premium quality almonds and cranberries from the USA, premium quality dairy products from France/New Zealand, premium quality chocolates from Belgium and premium quality Arabica coffee from South America; just to name a few. Our dedication to perfection is obvious, because we even roast our own nuts!

Handmade gourmet nougats from 3 Bites Full contain absolutely no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no trans fat and no gelatine. We believe strongly in retaining the natural flavours and colours of our premium ingredients. Although the shelf life of our handmade nougats can last longer than 6 months, we would still very much prefer that you enjoy them within 6 months to experience the mouth-watering freshness. Anyway, we doubt you will be keeping our handmade nougats for that long, as they are just simply too yummy!

3 Bites Full – a homegrown brand of Singapore. Created out of friendship and passion, we hope you will enjoy and relish on the natural flavours of our handmade nougats. We warmly thank you for your support and hope you will share our friendship and dedication with your friends and families too.

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